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Financial Services for Cash Intensive Companies

Banking the Unbankable

Introducing Ohana Financial Services that is safe, compliant, and scalable for businesses in high risk industries and individuals who cannot get traditional bank accounts. According to the World Bank, more than two billion people worldwide are considered "unbanked" because they lack access to simple financial tools such as bank accounts. Traditional banking services can be complex, including the safekeeping and transferring of money, payments processing, and access to credit.

Yet traditional approaches leave much to be desired - leaving most banks sitting on the sidelines for the next great business opportunity. Enter Ohana Financial Services - purpose built for banking the unbankable.

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The Ohana Advantage

Through our correspondent banks, Ohana enables safe and compliant financial services. Partnering with Ohana will help your company:

  • Outpace the competition through specialization and technology
  • Manage cash with online payment services
  • Minimize reputational and cash-management risk
  • Confidentiality address regulatory/compliance hurdles

Ohana efficiently performs enhanced due diligence on high risk accounts and their owners, enables quick account opening and customer onboarding, manages continuous monitoring to detect suspicious activity, enables streamlined reporting, and more to support your compliance team Ohana also offers electronic payment options, including our proprietary payment application and PIN-based debit, enabled seamless commerce and reducing risk for high risk companies.

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Compliant, Bonded, and Secure

We go through the most stringent checks to ensure compliance at the highest standards. We verify our customers using KYC and AML standards.

Your money is backed by a bond and our depository banking services are provided by partner financial institutions, Members of the FDIC and/or NCUA, as applicable.1

1See your Account Agreements for more information. Non-deposit products and services, such as lending and merchant processing, are not covered by FDIC/NCUA insurance.

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